How about that?

Un video care mi-a facut ziua frumoasa :))
=)) asta asa... ca nu cumva sa-mi sara mintea razna :))

you're telling me it's over
I guess this time is real

you say you love another
and that's the way you feel

if only I could tell you
that I wish you all the best

but I simplu can't pretend to
because I'm a better selfish mess

So I hope you're unhappy
and every time you're trying hard
I hope you always fail

And I hope that you get sea sick
even when you're not on sea

And every timpe you vommit
I hope you think of me!

I want you to fall down a lot
For no good reasons at all
And I hope that all people will laught on you
And say: how did that girl just fall ?

And I hope you never marry
but if you do some day
I hope that on your honnymoon
that dude decides he's gay

And I hope one day while driving
while you're texting like you do
and you hit a gipsy witch with your car
and she puts the course on you



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