my journey/visits/research in Palestina

The Office of European Representative
West Bank, Gaza, UNRWA

Day One Monday

 Briefing by the EU Press Office and meeting the accompanying Palestinian journalists

Briefing by Independent Politician Dr Mustafa Barghouti on Palestinian perspective of conflict, 

 Lunch and tour in Ramallah

EU Police Co-ordinating Office for Palestinian Police Support (EUPOL COPPS) Briefing and training of Palestinian Civil Police, Ramallah,
 Benoit Cusin, Press and Public Information Officer, EUPOL COPPS, 

 Meeting with Government Spokesperson, Noor Odeh on state-building efforts by Palestinian Authority         

Day Two  Tuesday

Departure from Ankar Hotel to Jerusalem and crossing Qalandia checkpoint

Tour of East Jerusalem with Ir Amim organization

Field visit to EU Projects in East Jerusalem, Capacity Building of Early Childhood Sector in Jerusalem (kindergarten in Silwan neighbourhood), Oxfam Novib & Early Childhood Resource Center, Willow Heske – Oxfam Communication Officer, 

 Quick Lunch in East Jerusalem

East Jerusalem Hospitals Network – Briefing with Director of Augusta Victoria Hospital Dr Tawfiq and WHO project manager Aisha Mansour 

Transfer to Ramallah

 Open session with Palestinian senior journalists and editors followed by dinner

Day Three  Wednesday

Transfer to Hebron

Tour in Hebron city (H1+H2) with NGO 'Breaking the Silence'

 Lunch in Hebron and transfer to Bethlehem

Visiting Ayda refugee camp in Bethlehem and briefing by UNRWA Spokesman Chris Gunness 

Visiting Nativity Church in Bethlehem

Day Four Thursday

Meeting with PLO Executive Committee Member 

Departure to Nablus

Field visit to EU Projects in Nablus: Muqata Project and the Khan Al Wakala followed by a tour in the old city

Meeting  with EU Representative, John Gatt-Rutter and Representatives of Portugal and Spain at Ankar Hotel in Ramallah

Day Five Friday

Transfer to North of the Jordan Valley

Field visit to EU Projects in Jordan Valley: Bedwin Community in Ein Duyok (European Commission Humanitarian Office; Press Officer: Fadwa Baroud,
Oxfam -Willow Heske – Communication Officer

Briefing by the Jericho and Jordan Valley Governor followed by a tour in the city  

Visiting Dead Sea

Day Six Saturday

- Individual Research -


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